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This page will be updated asap. For our temporary "Corona"-schedule see the "Nieuws"-page. For our new membership possibilities, see the "Tarieven"-page.

This page contains a summary and explanation of the information that can be found in Dutch on this website. If you click on the links below you will be referred to the Dutch pages of our website. See below for a list of Dutch words.

Sportinstituut Goederaad is a sports centre that has been well known in Voorschoten for more than sixty years. Its owner, Percy Rüben, offers you the following classes:

  • Conditietraining: a mixture of exercises on music to improve your endurance, flexibility, muscle power and body posture.
  • Aerobics: more intensive than ‘Conditietraining’ and with more emphasis on rhythmic movement.
  • Judo: Japanese martial arts class by Sensei Percy (4th Dan) in which both youth and adults learn to make throws, holds and other techniques. Furthermore, attention is paid to treating each other in a respectful manner.
  • Kickboksen: kickboxing classes for youth and adults. 
  • Taijiquan: sport based on ancient Chinese martial arts. Taijiquan is good for body and mind. It can have a positive effect on a variety of problems like rheumatic complaints, blood pressure, heart problems and stress.
  • Taekwon-Do: Korean martial arts class by Master Marco (7th Dan) comparable to Japanese Karate.
  • Seniorengym: exercises for senior citizens or others who prefer to exercise on a less intensive level. Seniorengym is a 45-minutes work-out in which all muscles and joints will be trained and your body condition improved.
  • Hatha yoga and stoelyoga: Hatha yoga is 'regular' yoga, stoelyoga is yoga in or using a chair, so no exercises on a yogamat. Yoga improves your strength, flexibility, posture and mental balance.

If you click on the tab “Groepslessen” you will find the time-tables for the various classes (see: Lesrooster) as well as information on e.g. subscription fees, enrolment and cancellation. In the next paragraphs, you can read a short summary.

Subscription fees. Payment is in advance and per term of five months: February – June and September – January. We offer a fixed discount of € 10,- if you pay before the beginning of a term, so before 1st of February or 1st of September. If payment is overdue, the fixed discount is cancelled. There is no enrolment fee and a free probation lesson is always possible. Payment can be done in cash or by bank. Our bankaccount is: NL59 INGB 000 598 43 43 in the name of Sportinstituut Goederaad.

Enrolment. On the page “Inschrijving & Opzegging” you can find the enrolment form. The subscription term is a minimum of five months. 

Cancellation. Cancellation is only possible in writing, namely by e-mail or letter.

Holidays. There are no classes during the Christmas Holidays. In July and August there is an adapted time-table: the classes are limited to Tuesday mornings and evenings during six of a total of eight holiday-weeks.

Privacy. Your privacy is very important to us. We meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, in Dutch AVG). Here you can find our Privacy Statement in Dutch.

Click here for our ‘Terms & Conditions’ in English. Note: these terms and conditions have been updated, but not yet translated in English. Click here for our current 'Terms & Conditions' in Dutch.


Kennismakingscursus. We offer a try-out course in Judo for kids, consisting of eight consecutive lessons for € 30,-.

Puntencompetitie. Each season there is a series of five judomatches which take place in our own dojo (=judo hall).

Katatraining. On Saturday mornings from 10.30-11.30 am, we offer a special training for advanced judokas in Judokata. These are series of techniques that you need to know for the black belt exams. Costs: € 50,- per five months payable in cash only to Sensei Percy.

Wedstrijdtraining. On Fridays from 5-6 pm there is a special competition training. Costs: € 50,- per five months payable in cash only to Sensei Percy.

The costs for attending both Katatraining and Wedstrijdtraining are € 70,-.

Vakantierooster. The Holiday schedule for our juvenile judokas is nearly the same as the Holiday schedule of the Primary Schools.

Weeshuis Don Bosco

Percy Rüben collects money for Orphanage Don Bosco in Surabaya in Indonesia since 1990. The reason he has chosen to support this charity is because his father stayed in this orphanage when he was young. This charity project has merged with the Pertolongan Foundation in 2014.


Click here for information (in Dutch) on the Fitness Facilities of Goederaad Fitness.


If you have any questions please send an e-mail (in English) to


A few Dutch words to help you understand our website (in alphabetical order):

Abonnement = subscription

Aspiranten = [in this context] young adults

Beginners = beginners

Dag = day

Dames = women

Dinsdag = Tuesday

Gevorderden = advanced

Groepslessen = group classes

Heren = men

Inschrijving = enrolment

Jeugd = youth (up to and including 14 years old)

Kennismakingscursus = try-out course

Kleuterjudo = judo for toddlers (4 and 5 years old)

Les = lesson

Lesrooster = time-table

Maandag = Monday

Donderdag = Thursday

Opzegging = cancellation

Senioren = adults

Tarieven = subscription fees

Tijd = time

Vakantierooster = Holiday schedule

Volwassenen = adults (15 years and older)

Vrijdag = Friday

Weeshuis = orphanage

Woensdag = Wednesday

Zaterdag = Saturday